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Armor Guard: Window Protection

January 13, 2021

When starting a new construction project, it can be very exciting. But there is one important aspect that should not be overlooked. It is window protection. During any construction project, either new windows have just recently been installed or the current windows need to be protected from any construction damage that can occur.

We know the importance, part of our technicians trained work is Armor Guard. Armor Guard is formulated with UV aging properties that allow protection on glass, aluminum/fiberglass window frames, stainless steel, non-porous file/marble walks, tubs showers, floors and many more construction type surfaces.

Our main use here at CCMS is window protection during construction projects. It protects against any scratches, masonry washes and welding sparks, any construction debris from cement or anything else that might fall onto the windows. It also protects against sun damage.

Armor Guard is easily removable by basically gently peeling off the protection layer from the window or surfaces taking with any debris that attached to the protectioin layer

Another great thing about Armor Guard is it lasts up to 3 years after correct application.

Armor Guard has saved so many construction companies and home/business owners lots of money by preventing any damage to construction areas or windows.

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