Four Environments Where Commercial Cleaning is Necessary

As we all know, having a clean environment is imperative to you and those around you. Cleanliness is a significant necessity whether we are talking about a school, retail store, office, or restaurant. Without a clean environment, businesses won't be able to make an excellent first impression on their clients and customers, and employees will feel a lack of motivation, ultimately hindering the company in the long run. At CCMS, we want to see your business thrive, but we know it must first be clean for that to occur. We are The importance of having a clean environment is why we made a list of four environments where commercial cleaning is necessary:

  1. Schools: Teachers are responsible for assuring that their students are learning and growing academically; they shouldn't have to bear the responsibility of guaranteeing that their classroom is spotless and germ-free. It's easy to understand that a classroom can quickly become messy or dirty when only one teacher and twenty-plus students walk in and out, engage in classroom activities, and maybe even eat there daily. With our commercial cleaning services, teachers can devote more time to educating and less time to cleaning. Plus, there are many benefits to having a clean classroom, including:
  1. Retail Stores: Retail stores are places where cleanliness is necessary for both hygienic and aesthetic purposes. For example, walking into an apparel store with clothes and shoes thrown all over the area can be off-putting to customers, leading to the loss of clientele over time. Neatly displaying your goods makes the experience more enjoyable to customers and gets others in the door. Employers in retail businesses can also be affected by the environment. The company will suffer if maintaining a clean environment is not standard practice. 
  2. Restaurants: No secret; a sanitary environment is necessary for any establishment serving food. After all, restaurant businesses must pass cleaning inspections and be shut down if they fail to adhere to the standards. Customers eating and drinking in your restaurant establishment trust that the utensils, food, and beverages you display are hygienic. For the health and safety of your staff, customers, and guests, please ensure that your restaurant is adequately cleaned daily. Getting your restaurant cleaned will ensure that every nook and cranny is perfectly cleaned so that passing a cleaning inspection is not even a question. 
  3. Offices: Offices are known to harbor many germs. After all, one desk typically harbors millions of germs, not to mention door knobs, elevator buttons, and many other objects constantly being touched. This is partially due to the influx of people in and out of offices. Every good employer assures their employees are happy, motivated, and productive. One facet is ensuring that their employee's office spaces are clean and sanitized. Having your office commercially cleaned will improve your employees:

Now that you have learned more about the four environments where commercial cleaning is necessary, we hope you understand why these establishments need to be adequately cleaned. These environments are often riddled with harmful microorganisms, so they must be removed with intense cleaning methods to eradicate any lingering bacteria. Having a business with poor hygiene practices can ultimately lead to the business's downfall entirely, which is something we do not want to see. We are prepared to get the job done if you need to have your business cleaned by licensed professionals. Let CCMS assure that your business remains pristine, whether it is a school, retail store, restaurant, or office. For more information on our cleaning services, you can visit our website or call us at 561-746-2700. 

Moving? Let CCMS Make the Process Easier! 

Moving in or out is much more than grabbing all of your belongings and relocating. Once you have begun moving, the last thing you want to do is put energy into cleaning either the home you are moving out of or into. At CCMS, we can help make the process easier. Our thorough move-in and move-out residential cleaning services allow you to focus on the task while leaving the rest of the worries behind.

Are you moving out? Get your security deposit back.

The last thing anyone would want to worry about is not being able to receive their security deposit back because they were not able to get their home or apartment cleaned before their move. With the help of CCMS, getting that deposit back is not a worry! All you have to do is move, and we will take care of the rest for you. We begin by working deep within, tackling the hidden spots of the home, such as; corners of the kitchen, behind the toilet, and the baseboards. From there, we move on to hard-to-reach areas, including light fixtures, ceiling fans, and cabinet tops. We finish by cleaning all the exposed areas of the home, such as; countertops, floors, etc.

Are you moving in? Get settled in quickly.

Getting your furniture, appliances, and belongings into your new home is enough work. When CCMS prepares your new abode before moving in, the work gets cut in half! All you should worry about is getting settled in, sitting down, putting your feet up, and relaxing! We will ensure your dwelling is in pristine condition, making the process as effortless as possible.

The following is a list of our residential cleaning services. These services may apply when you are moving in or out of a residence:

All areas of the house





Exterior/Pressure Cleaning


At CCMS, we proudly provide residential cleaning services with a personal touch! If you are going through the process of moving, call us at 561-746-2700 OR visit our website today.


Having a Clean Office Boosts Employee Productiveness

The benefits of having a clean office space are astronomical for business owners, employers, and employees' productiveness. Every good employer spends a great deal of time searching for ways to keep their employees happy, motivated, and productive so that their business can see positive results in return. The interesting thing is that studies have proven that having a clean office space is truly a vital factor in boosting employee morale and a motivating work environment.

Offices Harbor Many Germs

Due to the influx of individuals working in an office environment, it is no secret that an office harbors many germs. A study that was conducted at the University of Arizona found that computer keyboards have roughly three to four times more germs than a toilet seat. A typical work desk can harbor up to 10 million bacteria.

However, germs and bacteria do not end at just a work desk or computer keyboard. Everything found in an office building is riddled with these harmful microorganisms, including doorknobs, elevator buttons, door handles, faucets, and anything you can touch. When you think about it, we spend a lot of time touching these objects repeatedly as we use the restroom, have lunch at our desks, or take phone calls while in the office. All of these practices that seem so normal to us can harm us in the long run, especially if the environment is not sanitary. Having an office with poor hygiene practices comes with risks of employees falling ill, potentially hindering the productiveness of employees.

The following is a list of office cleaning tips to maintain happy and healthy employees:

CCMS Can Help!

At CCMS, we understand that your workload is enough to deal with! Let us take the stress off of ensuring your office is in pristine condition so that you can focus on your work goals and missions. We provide you with custom cleaning solutions tailored to your needs. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, call us at 561-746-2700.


Ultimate Prevention – The Sanitization You Deserve! 

From the outside, looking in-your commercial or residential space may seem to be clean; however, bacteria and viruses invisible to the human eye may be lurking, creating an unhygienic environment. More than ever before, business owners and homeowners are taking control of their environment and doing their part to ensure their space is clean and free of dangerous pathogens. Although COVID-19 is still very much present, even the common cold can negatively impact your employees, clients, guests, or family, which is why it is essential to ensure your home or business is correctly sanitized. You can count on having a solid infection control system in place when CCMS is in your cleaning corner!

The Ultimate Prevention System 

Our trademarked Ultimate Prevention System works deep into both hard and soft surfaces to thoroughly sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize even the most harmful pathogens. The revolutionary system is effective in killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from:

You can expect our Ultimate Prevention System also to eliminate mildew, mold, and odors while acting as a deterrent agent as well. It is known to combat the spread of:

How Does It Work? 

The Ultimate Prevention System is an electrostatic spray technology patented to disinfect even the hardest-to-reach surfaces. It eliminates pathogens and disinfects contaminated surfaces, and it also prevents the spread of other pathogens by using a force that is stronger than gravity. The high-powered sprayer evenly coats the targeted surfaces and acts as a firewall to wrap around and atomize the harmful particles. The BEST part about it is that it is safe for both humans and pets.

Who Benefits from the Ultimate Prevention System? 

EVERYONE! The Ultimate Prevention System works for a variety of spaces. This high-tech system can offer protection anywhere that someone works, or lives, including:

At CCMS, we assure that anywhere anybody spends their time, they have the comfort of knowing they are in a pristine environment. Our cleaning practices align with OSHA regulations and CDC recommendations to protect our community and mitigate the spread of harmful illnesses.

CCMS provides custom cleaning solutions that fit a wide range of needs. We are a forward-thinking company that ensures your property looks clean and is clean. Our industry-leading methods are accompanied by the proper tools and accreditations to maximize the cleanliness of your space. If you have a commercial or residential property in Miami-Dade, Lee, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, OR Collier Counties, you have found the cleaning company you can trust! Call us at 561-746-2700 today.





Commercial Cleaning Services – The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Environment 

It can be difficult for business owners to upkeep a clean work environment themselves, which is why it should be left to the experts! When hiring cleaning services, we at CCMS want you to understand how to choose a service that meets your needs. Different terms have different meanings depending on the services you require, and the actions involved may look different. Understanding what goes into a commercial cleaning is the first step to creating a custom-service schedule for YOU!

Commercial Cleaning Services 

Commercial cleaning services are specialized tasks ranging from daily cleanings to more comprehensive cleanings. Based on the frequency and scope of the services that you need, CCMS offers:

Maintaining a clean business is vital for guests, clients, and employees. Although retaining a clean establishment can prevent the spread of germs, assuring that your environment remains clean goes far beyond the obvious. Everything from ensuring your employee's wellbeing to proper ventilation, employment rebranding, and a pristine environment go hand in hand when it comes to keeping your establishment in tip-top shape. When considering your commercial cleaning options, you should also take into consideration your:

The Main Goal 

At CCMS, our primary goal remains in providing a professional job that ensures our customers' satisfaction. Our dedicated personnel is equipped with the utmost knowledge of prompt and efficient cleaning services. Aside from that, our team assures that your property is left with no damages, sterilized, and spotless from the moment you walk through the door until the second you leave. Our concerns and priority always remain to your satisfaction.

When it comes to finding a professional cleaning service, you don't want to trust the job to just anyone. When it comes to your business, CCMS intends to assure you that we are here to help you! Whether your cleaning needs are large or small, you deserve a cleaning service that is professional, efficient, and committed to saving you time and money while getting the job done right. Cleaning forward! is our motto. We bring you cleaning solutions, and you can keep moving forward. This is how we build a long-term and successful relationship with our clients and partners. For a custom cleaning quote, or if you have questions, please get in touch with us at (561) 746-2700.

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