Fall Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning

Surely you are well familiarized with a yearly Spring cleaning but don't put your Fall cleaning on the back burner. Now that the Fall season is here be sure your space is clean before you bring out the pumpkins and gourds. At CCMS, we recommend several deep cleanings a year so that when your Spring cleaning comes around, it is more of a maintenance than a complete restoration project. Keeping your space upkept is why we offer our cleaning services – so that your space remains in pristine condition year round. Don't Fall behind; get ahead with our cleaning services this Autumn. Continue reading to learn why Fall cleaning is the new Spring cleaning.

Five Reasons why Fall Cleaning is Essential:

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At CCMS, we want you to enjoy everything that Fall offers, so you can count on us to keep your home, office, or business clean during these joyous months. Skip the cleaning, and go straight to the decorating once we have entirely sanitized your space. We proudly bring our exceptional custom cleaning services to Palm Beach County. If you have questions, please visit our services page or call us at 561-746-2700.

Six Benefits of a Clean Classroom 

Teachers are responsible for educating and guiding their students to become intelligent and productive members of society. Since education takes place primarily in the classroom, having a clean space while learning is an integral part of the education experience. As students and teachers head back to school in Palm Beach County, it's essential to start the new school year with a fresh and clean slate. At CCMS, we offer school cleaning services that create a clean learning environment. Not only do we take cleaning seriously, but we also focus on safety and prevention. There are many benefits of a clean classroom; here are six of them for your reference:

  1. Fewer absences: Classrooms harbor thousands of germs and bacteria due to the influx of individuals coming in and out. According to the Healthy Schools Campaign, "As of 2019, one in four children has health issues that affect their ability to succeed in the classroom—double the number just 30 years ago." When a classroom is not adequately cleaned and sanitized, the risk of absences due to being sick is much higher. You may be a professional in your field, but we are professionals in cleanliness and will ensure that your classroom is free of disease-causing agents, so absences are few and far between.
  2. Fewer distractions: Children can often become easily distracted, even more so when their classroom is messy. Toys, objects, and even books lying around can be an eyesore, creating distracted students. When students become distracted, a teacher's performance can be affected negatively.
  3. Develops healthy habits: Developing healthy habits goes far beyond what a child consumes. Children are like sponges; they absorb everything going on around them. Maintaining a clean classroom promotes healthy habits and a clean space routine. Once students have internalized the importance of a clean environment, it may shock you to see how others follow suit.
  4. Safety: Classrooms that are not regularly cleaned may contain objects that have the potential of harming a student or their teacher. Being on the lookout for dangerous and sharp items is an excellent practice. Dangerous animals such as spiders can be present in unkept classrooms, so no question that having a clean classroom is crucial. At CCMS, we clean every corner, even the hard-to-reach areas, to help maximize the safety of everyone.
  5. Better learning environment: As previously stated, studies have proven that health issues caused by a dirty classroom environment negatively affect a student's ability to have a positive educational experience. A significant benefit of having a clean classroom is that it creates a better learning environment for everyone involved.
  6. More parental involvement: Having parents that are involved in their child's education is like a breath of fresh air to every good teacher. When your classroom is clean, your student's parent is not worried about their child's health and will be more adept at becoming involved in your lessons and activities.

Now that you have become familiar with several outstanding benefits of having a clean classroom, we want to assure you that CCMS is here to keep your classroom sanitized to minimize the spread of unwanted conditions. A few of our highlighted services include:

Since it is back-to-school month, spend a little more time on your lesson plans while we ensure your classroom is in pristine condition for your students. Remember, your students must emerge in a clean and sanitized learning environment to have the best possible education experience. If you have questions regarding our school cleaning services or want to learn more, please call us at 561-746-2700 or visit our website today.


Moving? Let CCMS Make the Process Easier! 

Moving in or out is much more than grabbing all of your belongings and relocating. Once you have begun moving, the last thing you want to do is put energy into cleaning either the home you are moving out of or into. At CCMS, we can help make the process easier. Our thorough move-in and move-out residential cleaning services allow you to focus on the task while leaving the rest of the worries behind.

Are you moving out? Get your security deposit back.

The last thing anyone would want to worry about is not being able to receive their security deposit back because they were not able to get their home or apartment cleaned before their move. With the help of CCMS, getting that deposit back is not a worry! All you have to do is move, and we will take care of the rest for you. We begin by working deep within, tackling the hidden spots of the home, such as; corners of the kitchen, behind the toilet, and the baseboards. From there, we move on to hard-to-reach areas, including light fixtures, ceiling fans, and cabinet tops. We finish by cleaning all the exposed areas of the home, such as; countertops, floors, etc.

Are you moving in? Get settled in quickly.

Getting your furniture, appliances, and belongings into your new home is enough work. When CCMS prepares your new abode before moving in, the work gets cut in half! All you should worry about is getting settled in, sitting down, putting your feet up, and relaxing! We will ensure your dwelling is in pristine condition, making the process as effortless as possible.

The following is a list of our residential cleaning services. These services may apply when you are moving in or out of a residence:

All areas of the house





Exterior/Pressure Cleaning


At CCMS, we proudly provide residential cleaning services with a personal touch! If you are going through the process of moving, call us at 561-746-2700 OR visit our website today.


Keep Your Facility Spotless During the Summer!

As we know, summertime in Florida is the season with the highest temperatures and humidity. Our team of cleaning experts always advises to have your space deep cleaned every season, and summer is no exception to that rule. While Spring is a great time to declutter and start the year off on a clean slate, summer is a great time to deep clean every nook and cranny. The summer heat and mid-day storms bring in a plethora of grime, dust, and germs that should never be overlooked. Continue reading to learn how CCMS can keep your facility spotless during summer.


During Mid-day rain storms, dirt accumulates on windows, creating a dirt-filled pileup. Not only is a dirty window not presentable, but when opened, they bring in all the particles that have been sitting there, compromising your environment. At CCMS, we are sticklers for everything dirty! All crevices in windows will be cleaned to perfection so that no unwanted dirt particles are being let into your space. When you are ready to open your window again for some fresh air, you have the comfort of knowing you can do so while remaining clean.


Floors are arguably the most grime-riddled part of any facility, especially during the summer. As we begin to get more storms, high levels of foot traffic will leave traces of water mixed with dirt and mud piled up by the entrance and throughout your office. This concoction of debris leaves a mess and accumulates and adds to the uncleanliness. At CCMS, our flooring specialists recommend having your floors deep cleaned at least once a year, which is why we strongly suggest cleaning your floors professionally during the summer season. Our specialized cleaning products and equipment thoroughly clean your floors, leaving them glossy and spotless.


Like floors, carpets also become full of grime during the summer, but even more so because they trap in dust and debris more than standard tile or wood floors do. Allergens and bacteria can also become trapped in carpets, leaving behind a colony of germs that will negatively affect not only your employees but patients and customers as well.


A restroom is a great place to freshen up after a hot summer day, so we ensure it remains appealing. Our staff at CCMS understand that the last thing someone who is hot and sweaty wants to see when they wipe their face-off is a filthy restroom. Under our professional cleaning services, you can rest assured that anyone entering the bathroom in your facility will be walking into a clean environment where they feel comfortable enough to use the restroom.

Why we Stress Sanitization 

Studies on workplace germs found that more than 10 million bacteria are on a typical office desk -- 400 times more bacteria than found on the average toilet seat! CCMS ensures that your space not only looks clean on the exterior but is clean on a microscopic level. We stress Sanitization because we fully understand its importance of it. Our ultimate prevention sanitization system has the power to protect your environment and keep everyone in your facility healthy. The Ultimate Prevention system thoroughly disinfects, sanitizes, and deodorizes hard and soft surfaces. It removes harmful pathogens from:

The Ultimate Prevention works quickly, killing 99.9% of bacteria in its trace within a few minutes. It has also been proven to combat the spread of:

Suppose you own a residential or commercial property in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Miami-Dade, Lee, or Collier Counties and are looking for cleaning solutions. In that case, you can trust us. Visit our website and contact our team at CCMS today at 561-746-2700. 

CCMS Checks ALL the Cleaning Solutions Boxes

Did you know that maintaining a clean environment is crucial for your well-being and those around you? When it comes to assuring that your business or home remains in pristine condition, there is no room for error! Custom Cleaning & Management Services (CCMS) is equipped with a professional, flexible team that works hard to meet your needs. CCMS checks all of the following boxes when it comes to finding the cleaning company:

Highly experienced:

A highly experienced team of cleaning professionals is essential when choosing a cleaning company for your business or home. Never trust that just anyone will be able to clean your space correctly. Believe it or not, many facets go into cleaning, and our experienced cleaning professionals go through extensive training to ensure they are sanitizing your area to an exceptional standard. We are a cleaning company with forward-thinking and innovative practices driven by old-fashioned ideas. 

Custom solutions: 

You don’t want to work with a company that does not provide you with the option of a custom cleaning solution. When you have CCMS on your side, this is not a worry. We provide our clients with cleaning solutions that can be customized to schools and universities, transportation centers, warehouses, and office buildings. We will be happy to discuss all available options with you during your first consultation and create a custom-service schedule based on the frequency and scope of services you need. We will listen to your unique needs and recommend the best custom solutions, always with the highest quality and safety standards.


Attention to detail when cleaning is proof that you are in good hands. A top-to-bottom clean is not possible without the utmost attention to detail, and at CCMS, we cut no corners! Customer satisfaction will always remain our number one priority; therefore, you can trust that our team will clean your space with as much attention to detail as possible. We provide superior services by being innovative and following the proven core values of respect, hard work, and gratitude. 

Supports sustainability:

Supporting sustainability is more important now than ever before. CCMS is a BIG supporter of everything sustainable. If you have solar panels on your home or business, we use deionized water to clean and maintain them free of dust, pollen, dirt, bird droppings, and weather inclemency so that they may run at total capacity at all times. Our solar panel cleaning method is non-abrasive and free of metals and hard solids to ensure that your panels are never damaged. 


Trust is a key component when putting your precious space in the hands of a cleaning company. Actions speak louder than words, and we firmly believe that having a reliable company to manage your cleaning services is essential when developing a positive relationship. Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, you can guarantee that CCMS will treat your property entrusted to us as our own.


Although living and working in a clean environment is priceless, your cleaning services must be attainable and fair. Be cautious of cleaning companies that are more interested in monetary gain than the task at hand. We provide superior services by being innovative and following the proven core values of respect, hard work, and gratitude. 

We check the boxes! 

Finding a cleaning company that checks all boxes is no simple task, but not impossible either! CCMS checks ALL the boxes when it comes to hiring a cleaning company that meets and exceeds your needs. Whether it be commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, construction cleaning, or a custom cleaning solution, let’s get you started on a plan that works for YOU! For more information, call us at 561-746-2700 OR visit our website to learn about our services.

Having a Clean Office Boosts Employee Productiveness

The benefits of having a clean office space are astronomical for business owners, employers, and employees' productiveness. Every good employer spends a great deal of time searching for ways to keep their employees happy, motivated, and productive so that their business can see positive results in return. The interesting thing is that studies have proven that having a clean office space is truly a vital factor in boosting employee morale and a motivating work environment.

Offices Harbor Many Germs

Due to the influx of individuals working in an office environment, it is no secret that an office harbors many germs. A study that was conducted at the University of Arizona found that computer keyboards have roughly three to four times more germs than a toilet seat. A typical work desk can harbor up to 10 million bacteria.

However, germs and bacteria do not end at just a work desk or computer keyboard. Everything found in an office building is riddled with these harmful microorganisms, including doorknobs, elevator buttons, door handles, faucets, and anything you can touch. When you think about it, we spend a lot of time touching these objects repeatedly as we use the restroom, have lunch at our desks, or take phone calls while in the office. All of these practices that seem so normal to us can harm us in the long run, especially if the environment is not sanitary. Having an office with poor hygiene practices comes with risks of employees falling ill, potentially hindering the productiveness of employees.

The following is a list of office cleaning tips to maintain happy and healthy employees:

CCMS Can Help!

At CCMS, we understand that your workload is enough to deal with! Let us take the stress off of ensuring your office is in pristine condition so that you can focus on your work goals and missions. We provide you with custom cleaning solutions tailored to your needs. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, call us at 561-746-2700.


Spring Cleaning is Here, and We’ve Got You Covered! 

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and renew your home, office, and anywhere you spend valuable time! Whether you have Christmas decor still lying around, your space feels cluttered from the previous year’s build-up, or you are simply in need of a good deep cleaning, CCMS is here to help you tackle your spring cleaning needs from start to finish. Our dedicated and professional staff is fully equipped to create an exceptional custom cleaning solution tailored to your needs. After all, Spring cleaning is here, and we at CCMS have you covered!

Why Spring? 

If you are not sure why Spring is the chosen season for deep cleanings, we want to help you understand why. When a thorough deep cleaning is not done during Spring, the Summer season will likely ramp up your schedule with back-to-school tasks, traveling, or work. Before you know it, Fall and Winter and all the holidays in between them will creep up on you, making it nearly impossible to keep up and get a good cleaning in. The good news here is that you do not have to do it alone! When it comes to Spring cleaning, CCMS has you covered, giving you the ability to sit down and relax while ensuring that your space is pristine. Continue reading for the benefits of a clean environment and how we at CCMS can help YOU achieve your unique cleaning needs. 

The Benefits of a Clean Space

There are many benefits to giving your home, office, or business an annual Spring cleaning, and we want you to know what they are. Maintaining a clean space:

Now that you understand the benefits of having a clean space, we want to help you start the Spring season on the right foot! Whether you are in need of commercial cleaning, construction cleaning, residential cleaning, or more, we are prepared to spring into action and make your space spotless. If you have questions regarding our custom cleaning solutions, call us at 561-746-2700 OR visit our website now!  


Ultimate Prevention – The Sanitization You Deserve! 

From the outside, looking in-your commercial or residential space may seem to be clean; however, bacteria and viruses invisible to the human eye may be lurking, creating an unhygienic environment. More than ever before, business owners and homeowners are taking control of their environment and doing their part to ensure their space is clean and free of dangerous pathogens. Although COVID-19 is still very much present, even the common cold can negatively impact your employees, clients, guests, or family, which is why it is essential to ensure your home or business is correctly sanitized. You can count on having a solid infection control system in place when CCMS is in your cleaning corner!

The Ultimate Prevention System 

Our trademarked Ultimate Prevention System works deep into both hard and soft surfaces to thoroughly sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize even the most harmful pathogens. The revolutionary system is effective in killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from:

You can expect our Ultimate Prevention System also to eliminate mildew, mold, and odors while acting as a deterrent agent as well. It is known to combat the spread of:

How Does It Work? 

The Ultimate Prevention System is an electrostatic spray technology patented to disinfect even the hardest-to-reach surfaces. It eliminates pathogens and disinfects contaminated surfaces, and it also prevents the spread of other pathogens by using a force that is stronger than gravity. The high-powered sprayer evenly coats the targeted surfaces and acts as a firewall to wrap around and atomize the harmful particles. The BEST part about it is that it is safe for both humans and pets.

Who Benefits from the Ultimate Prevention System? 

EVERYONE! The Ultimate Prevention System works for a variety of spaces. This high-tech system can offer protection anywhere that someone works, or lives, including:

At CCMS, we assure that anywhere anybody spends their time, they have the comfort of knowing they are in a pristine environment. Our cleaning practices align with OSHA regulations and CDC recommendations to protect our community and mitigate the spread of harmful illnesses.

CCMS provides custom cleaning solutions that fit a wide range of needs. We are a forward-thinking company that ensures your property looks clean and is clean. Our industry-leading methods are accompanied by the proper tools and accreditations to maximize the cleanliness of your space. If you have a commercial or residential property in Miami-Dade, Lee, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, OR Collier Counties, you have found the cleaning company you can trust! Call us at 561-746-2700 today.





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