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Fall Cleaning is the New Spring Cleaning

Surely you are well familiarized with a yearly Spring cleaning but don't put your Fall cleaning on the back burner. Now that the Fall season is here be sure your space is clean before you bring out the pumpkins and gourds. At CCMS, we recommend several deep cleanings a year so that when your Spring cleaning comes around, it is more of a maintenance than a complete restoration project. Keeping your space upkept is why we offer our cleaning services – so that your space remains in pristine condition year round. Don't Fall behind; get ahead with our cleaning services this Autumn. Continue reading to learn why Fall cleaning is the new Spring cleaning.

Five Reasons why Fall Cleaning is Essential:

  • Get rid of summer contaminants: The Summer months are typically fast-paced and busy. The kids are out of school for a while, people are on vacation, and things can get chaotic. As the month's pass, dust, pollen, dead skin, dander, bacteria, and other harmful germs accumulate in your home and business. We understand that time is not on your side during the summer. We suggest that a Fall cleaning is necessary to eliminate those lingering contaminants.  
  • Prepare for the holidays: The holidays are a magical time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Many families end up hosting during the Fall and Winter, making a Fall cleaning necessary so that you can have the confidence that your home is clean and welcoming before your guests come over. With an influx of people coming in and out of your home, it is in your best interest to ensure it remains clean to eliminate the possibility of your guests becoming ill from unsanitary conditions. After all, would you want your loved ones to return to their home ill? 
  • Avoid clutter: Whether it be your home or your office, months and even years will pass, and you will continue collecting things with little to no use. Tossing our items you do not use makes decluttering an integral part of Fall cleaning. Although spider webs go with the Fall theme, we can assure you that they do not belong in your space. Go through all those junk drawers, cabinets, and closets to declutter items that you no longer use to make more room for things that you enjoy and that are valuable to you.
  • Prevent illness: The Flu is NEVER fun! If you weren't aware, Flu Season begins in the Fall, which makes a deep cleaning even more essential. When you and your family become ill with the Flu, it can take several weeks to feel better, which could put a damper on your holiday plans. The best way to avoid falling ill is to be surrounded by a clean environment.
  • Get rid of bugs: As the weather cools, pesky critters are looking for warmer hideouts during the fall and winter. Spiders, mites, fleas, and other insects commonly linger in the home, creating a much larger problem if not eradicated immediately. This is especially important if you have pets because you do not want your pet to be harmed by these pests. Your home is your harbor, don't let it be a harbor of bugs.

Contact us today!

At CCMS, we want you to enjoy everything that Fall offers, so you can count on us to keep your home, office, or business clean during these joyous months. Skip the cleaning, and go straight to the decorating once we have entirely sanitized your space. We proudly bring our exceptional custom cleaning services to Palm Beach County. If you have questions, please visit our services page or call us at 561-746-2700.

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