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Phone: (561) 746-2700
Locations: Jupiter, FL & McAllen, Texas

Green Seal Certified

December 9, 2020

CCMS knows the importance of going green. We have set new standards for being a Cleaning Company that offers Green Seal Certified (GS-37) products.

CCMS has been an associate for over 6 years to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) so we understand that the cleaning Industry uses an estimated 8 billion pounds of chemicals and nearly 4.5 billion pounds of paper products annually, the potential enviromental impact inside and outside the facility is tremendous.

We know the importance of improving IAQ ( Indoor Air Quality) so we use HEPA filtration vacuum systems that removes 99.9 percent of airborne particles and aids in relief of asthma and allergies.

The most common third party certifications are the following.

  1. Green Seal – the original green cleaning certification, which has been in use since 1989. Green Seal certification includes an evaluation of the entire life cycle of the product, and meets independent, international standards.
  2. Safer Choice – the EPA’s own certification that ensures that products “contain only the safest possible ingredients.”
  3. Ecologo – a certification issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a company with over 100 years’ experience in developing safety standards.

The world is evolving and changing so CCMS is ready to follow and make sure that our products can prevent the polution of our planet and the allergen causing chemicals, while keeping your home safely sanitized and disinfected.

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