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Having a Clean Office Boosts Employee Productiveness

The benefits of having a clean office space are astronomical for business owners, employers, and employees' productiveness. Every good employer spends a great deal of time searching for ways to keep their employees happy, motivated, and productive so that their business can see positive results in return. The interesting thing is that studies have proven that having a clean office space is truly a vital factor in boosting employee morale and a motivating work environment.

Offices Harbor Many Germs

Due to the influx of individuals working in an office environment, it is no secret that an office harbors many germs. A study that was conducted at the University of Arizona found that computer keyboards have roughly three to four times more germs than a toilet seat. A typical work desk can harbor up to 10 million bacteria.

However, germs and bacteria do not end at just a work desk or computer keyboard. Everything found in an office building is riddled with these harmful microorganisms, including doorknobs, elevator buttons, door handles, faucets, and anything you can touch. When you think about it, we spend a lot of time touching these objects repeatedly as we use the restroom, have lunch at our desks, or take phone calls while in the office. All of these practices that seem so normal to us can harm us in the long run, especially if the environment is not sanitary. Having an office with poor hygiene practices comes with risks of employees falling ill, potentially hindering the productiveness of employees.

The following is a list of office cleaning tips to maintain happy and healthy employees:

  • Clean and inviting workspace: Having a clean workspace makes it attractive to current or future employees and customers. When your office is tidy, organized, and clean, it will present a feeling of preparedness and dedication. These are the type of feelings that will make your employees and clients feel welcome to come back repeatedly. Companies like Google and Facebook are known to invest mainly in the cleanliness of their offices. They often boast about having some of the happiest employees due to their clean environments.
  • Tidiness is essential: Princeton University conducted a study on clutter and overstimulation, and they found that having a cluttered space can negatively affect an individual's impact on efficiency and attention. A lack of cleanliness or tidiness at work can be very distracting. For example, if there is a weird smell in the office, your mind may only be able to think about that strange smell rather than the work you are supposed to be focused on. If you are typing on your keyboard and notice a sea of dust bunnies on your desk, you may also be distracted thinking about how you have to clean it up. There are countless ways that untidiness and unsanitary work conditions can harm productivity, so the office space must remain as tidy as possible to prevent such adverse working conditions.
  • Value employees: There are many ways employers can show their employees that they are valued. One of those ways is by ensuring the office is getting cleaned. When employees are given a sanitary work environment and know that the office is being cleaned regularly, they know that their employer cares about their health, safety, and well-being.

CCMS Can Help!

At CCMS, we understand that your workload is enough to deal with! Let us take the stress off of ensuring your office is in pristine condition so that you can focus on your work goals and missions. We provide you with custom cleaning solutions tailored to your needs. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, call us at 561-746-2700.


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