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Why Legionella Bacteria is becoming a Concern to Closed Buildings.

August 21, 2020


The concerns for Legionella Bacteria arose in Atlanta when the Property Managers noticed an abundance of the bacteria found in the facilities water system. This is due to the fact that high temperatures of about 80 to 120 Fahrenheit is a perfect breeding ground for which these bacteria thrive in. Since the start of the pandemic a lot of building locations and Cooling Towers had to be closed and the maintenance were not kept up. Legionella Bacteria is a concern because it can cause deadly pneumonia to unsuspecting victims.

Fortunately, Legionella Bacteria can be eliminated by chlorination and other disinfecting routines as well as flushing the water system. Extra caution should be taken because the bacteria can create sludge inside the pipes which can be hard to get rid of. Maintaining and flushing the water from all buildings and Cooling Towers before reopening is crucial to keeping Legionella Bacteria away from yourself and coworkers.

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